CQB Skirmish days get you into the action quickly and keep you there. The Battle rages the moment the whistle’s blown, and it takes seconds to re-spawn once your hit. The adrenaline rush in CQB Skirmish is amazing as the Battle erupts around you and your enemy could be in the next room you enter. It's Fast, It's Furious and so much fun you will want to play again and again. We have Walk-On (Own Kit) and Rental packs available and you can book a Full or Half day. A freshly prepared lunch can be added to your day on arrival. For full details and pricing, please see below. Book online to save money.



We run a Skirmish game every Saturday, however, Due to Covid-19, we have had to change the way we operate.  We now run 2 separate group games at the same time. These "Battle Groups" have a maximum number of 24 Players a mix of walk on or Rental. Please ensure you book the same groups as your friends. We are now booking Full day and Half Day Games. You Must book online so we can record your details for Track & Trace and agree to our terms and conditions.

Reception is open for Walk-ons at 8:00 am and for Rental Packs at 8:30 am.

If you have a mix or Walk-ons and Rentals in your group book in at 8:00 am. The morning session ends at 12:30, the afternoon at 4:30.


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Want to run your own game or do your own training?. At Battle Airsoft you can Hire the site for your own game any day of the week or weekend.


You pay the same price that you would pay for a Skirmish game but have the advantage of doing the games you want. 

You get exclusive use of one game field at a time and alternate with our Skirmish game. We give you all you need to run your game, armbands, re-spawn boxes, whistles and anything else you need. All of your group will be required to attend a Safety Brief from a member of BSA.




You really get a different experience in these games. They normally have fewer players so the gameplay is outstanding more dynamic. Close up Kills and Surrender Kills are the order of the day. The evening starts from 6:30 pm to 11 pm.

Game Nights

We alternate Wednesday / Friday each week.  Check FB or the booking page for the next game. 

You can also hire the site any night for your own game.

Walk-on and Rental Packs Available

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