Walk On's
Full Day - £21.99 / Half Day - £11.99
Rental Packs 
Full Day - £31.99 / Half Day - £15.99



Battle Town is a Close Quarter Battle area like no other, It Features over 20 buildings, a Kill House, a Sniper Tower and lots of passageways. It is really up close and personal and gives you loads of opportunities for close up and knife kills. 


Modern Warfare Lots of hiding places for spring surprise attacks on the opposite team – A dockside industrial setting really gets you in the game. It has a three-story ship to battle through, bunker complex with over 100 meters of tunnels to fight through, a market place, a security forces base, and many other buildings. 


Both are floodlit and have surround sound pumped into them. It's the ultimate CQB.



Battle Airsoft is unique in that it has its own 70 seat Diner on site.

 The Republican Diner is a Star Wars Themed Diner that provides freshly cooked meals, drinks and snacks.

No more Pot Noodles or dodgy Burgers. It has a hot  Breakfast menu so you can set yourself up for the day. Fantastic selection of meal deals that will be freshly prepared for you whilst you are on the game field. It's even heated so you can warm yourself, in between play during the winter.

It's the perfect place to swap War Stories over great food and a chance to update your social media. 

Free WIFI on site. 





At Battle Airsoft your safety and comfort are one of our main concerns. 


Our Safe zone is indoors with good lighting. We have very large kit tables for you to use, and a battery charging service.


It is close to the Carpark so you don't have to lug your kit all over the site.


The safe Zone opens at 0800 so you can get set up before you book in and collect your armband. Once you have your armband you can head to the Chrono area.




We have a fantastic Gun Tech who will keep you in the Battle. Whether it's a quick fix or a full repair, Shaun is your man.


We will make every effort to fix your kit as it breaks, however, we can not guarantee that we will get it done for you immediately.


Shaun is always happy to give you advice with any techy questions you have.


We also offer Battery Charging service for £1.00 per Battery or free if you are a member of our Airsoft club.





Grab everything you need for your day at the Battle Box on-site store. Guns, Pistols, Mags, Loadout Kit, BB's, Pyro and loads more.


The Battle Box is fully stocked and waiting for you during your visit. If you are unable to visit, pop over to our online store.


We are a UKARA registered Shop and will register you for UKARA for Free.