SNIPER CSE - LV 1 & 2 £50 
SNIPER CSE - LV 3 £70 (Overnight)

Our Training Wing is run by an Ex Britsh Army Infantry Warrant Officer who has deployed on may Operational Tours of Duty around the World.


The Wing is made up of Ex Military Instructors who have a wealth of experience in conventional and specialist Warfare. Many have completed courses at the Infantry Battle School at Brecon, or have worked in high-level Training Teams in the UK and Overseas.


We also have some highly experienced Airsofters that bridge the gap between real world and Airsoft to ensure what we deliver will be of use to you in Airsoft.


Airsoft is about fun, so our courses are developed with that in mind to ensure that they keep you smiling. 




Battle Airsoft Personal Battle Skills course is designed for all those who want to improve their skirmish game. Our Training team will teach you all the individual skills that will make you a more successful player. these skills will give you a solid foundation to improve your game as you gain experience and take on new challenges. Some of the skills you will be taught  are;


Equipment Loadout

Weapon carriage & Transition

Firing positions

Use of Cover


Reaction to contact

Target indication

Fire control orders

Fire & Movement

and much more


A great course for those who want more out of their game.

For more info call 01953 887174. Next course date TBC 




Operating in and from Vehicles is a skill in its own. It's also great fun. This course is for those who want a new challenge in airsoft. You will learn many new skills that may be useful in Milsim and other games. Your training package takes place throughout the day and night. Meals are included in the package.

You will experience;


2 Man Car Drills

4 Man Car Drills

Anit Ambush drills

Vehicle map reading

Drop off Drills

Pick up Drills

And much more


Great fun and something completely different. Taught by experienced CT Instructors.


For more info call 01953 887174. Next course date TBC 


Battle Airsoft Sniper Course's are designed to give you all the skills you need to be an effective Airsoft Sniper on the Battlefield. Our Training Team is made up of British Army Veterans with over 50 years of experience between them. Two of the team were also qualified, operational Snipers. The Training team also has some very experienced MILSIM players who will help to convert real skills to an Airsoft environment so you can really get in the game. 

The Level 1 Course for every Airsoft Sniper and you will be taught a whole host of basic skills including Camouflage and Concealment, Stalking, Marksmanship, Contact drills and Patrols Skills. You will even begin to build your own Gillie Suit. If you want to become an effective Airsoft Sniper, this is the course for you.

The Level 2 Course will take your basic skills to the next level and give you a whole new skill set. On this course, you will learn, Navigation skills, Close Target Recce Drills (CTR), Observation Post Drills (OPs), Radio Voice Procedure (VP), and more.

Both courses start at 0830 hrs and finish at 2200 hrs. Lunch and evening meal are included in the price. Once you book onto the course you will receive the joining instructions which will include the kit and equipment list. Book early as there is limited Availability. For more info call 01953 887174. Next Date TDC


Battle Airsoft Urban Skills Course is a 14 hours training Course, designed to give you all the skills you will need to effectively operate in an Urban environment. Learn from the best. All our instructors are Ex British Army Trainers with extensive experience in FIBUA "Fighting in built-up areas" & Urban Warfare.


You will learn many skills on this fast and furious course such as;


Investment Drills - Approach and Break in.

Entry Drills - Breaching and initial clearance

Stacking Drills 

Room Clearance 

Systematic Clearance - Individual & Team responsibilities

Multi-Room Clearance 

Multi-Level Clearance 

Command and Control 

Actions on 


It's a fantastic day for those that want to improve their game. We run this course at Battle Airsoft and also New for 2019 we will be running it at the Urban Training Centre in Longmoor MOD site. One of the best sites in the UK. 

(FIBUA) A full day training from 0800 to 2200. lunch and evening meal included in the course price at Battle Stations. 

For more info call 01953 887174. Next Date TDC


Battle Airsoft 4 Man Operators Course is a great way to move to the next level. By working as a team you can really improve your results at Skirmish games. However, you will get the most from the course if you are a Milsim Player. Whether you are part of a team or not, You will be able to drop into a team and operate on the same level. We will show you;


Patrol Formations

Patrol Actions

Hand Signals

Radio procedure

Contact Drills

Ambush Drills

Anti Ambush Drills


Fire & Movement

Quick Attack Drills

Command & Control


If you are part of a team, it's a fantastic course for you to sharpen your skills. If you are looking to get into a team you can jump straight into one with these skills.




Battle Airsoft MilSim Course is for those who want to get into MilSim and want to have all the basic to survive and operate on the same level as more experienced players. We will show you;


How to Prep for Battle

Personal Administration in the field

Shelter Building

Patrol Formations

Patrol Actions

Hand Signals

Radio procedure

Section Battle Drills

Command & Control


Mechanics of a;

    Fire & Movement   

    Section Attack

    Anti Ambush Drills


    Recce Patrol



All the skills you will need to operate in the field for up to 36 hours and the knowledge to mount basic operations.



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