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Sniper Course May

We are pleased to announce not 1 but 2 Sniper Courses in May

Sniper Level 1 - 4th May 24

Sniper Skills (Short) - 5th May 24

Both courses will be held at our Battle Stations Boston Site.

These courses are designed to make you a better all-around sniper. 

So Have fun, and learn lots of new skills in a chilled-out environment

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News on sniper course
News on Charity sleep out


On July 13th 24

This date has just been added  and is now confirmed

 Code Red is at Our Battle Stations Boston,

Lincolnshire, PE22 7PA

More details will be released soon but booking is open.

You can book for the 12-hour or 24-hour Mission.



The date for the next and final chapter of our Milsim series "Dark Star" has been announced.


Dark Star "Annihilation" will play out on the 7th and 8th of September, 2024.

Booking is now open, and availability will be limited. 

Click below for the latest update on the series and the story so far.

New MilSim Date

Milsim Player

Woodland Weekender

Fancy a weekend in the woods? The BSB woodland weekend is your chance to go full-on Airsoft. You can choose to Skirmish all weekend or combine a Skirmish with a Sniper course.


Platmum Weekender £80.00 includes all of the above plus lunch on both days.


If you would like to rent your equipment from us Gold will be £85.00, Platnum £95.00


If you book and we do not run the game, you will get a full refund guaranteed -  to book, go to or ring  07470745174


Min Age 12 with an adult

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News on airsof

Build Day @ BSB

We are holding a Build Day At Battle Stations Boston on the 25th of May 24.


We want to get many hands on deck to get the site "Ship Shap" some new features built.


Give us a full or half day and claim your rewards, BBQ and a beer to finish the day off.


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News on build day

Big Battle Budget Day

On the 26th of May 24, we are holding our Big Battle Day. We have dropped the price for this special day to get as many players a possible battling at BSB.

Walk-ons are just £15 for the day
Rentals are just £25 for the day

THESE ARE ON-LINE PRICES ONLT - if you don't book, you don't save.

Whole and half days are available.

Battle Stations CQB has organised a road trip to play BSB on the same day, so you will get to meet and shoot the CQB warriors. Welcome them and give them the full BSB treatment.

It's going to be a cracking day, so get booked on as soon as you can, places will be limited

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big battle budget day

Charity Sleep Out

The New date for the "Big Tommy Sleepout is the 25th of May 24 to raise funds for the RBL. Full details out now.

Click for more info.

Dark Star Code Red

Charity Day for Combat Stress

Join us for a cracking day of Airsoft at BSA or BSB, where we will support a brilliant charity. You guys have told us that you want to support The Combat Stress Charity for this one. So we are game-on.

Join us for a full or half day of Airsoft Skirmishes and fun games with a raffle, an Airsoft Car Boot Sale (over lunch), and loads of games to raise money for this awesome cause.

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News on combat stress day

Ladies Day

Ladies, "Grab your Guns and your Chums" and head to Battle Stations Boston for a game of "Ladies Only Airsoft".

We would love to form a BSB Ladies Club and grow the BSB community.

This game is for walk-ons and rentals, full or half day and when you book online, we will give you a discount to get you started.
Come and join us for some full-on fun on Sunday, the 19th of May.

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News on ladies day


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