• The Valkyrie Precision Elite 25 is an extraordinary premium BB that shoots consistently and feels more like a 0.28g or even a 0.30g BB without the cost.
  • Tested against many of what are considered to be the "Big Brands" these new BBs have been developed to be more consistent and, therefore, to hit the same place more often which is the best thing to improve your hit rate and to also economise on BBs.
  • The more often you hit consistently the less ammo you need to shoot 
  • We've tested them very successfully in several RIFs with different mags, hop ups, buckings and inner barrels but it's impossible to test them in every combination so if you still need convincing that these really are the best BBs you can buy then simply order a "Maggee Baggee" containing a good mag full plus of BBs so you can try before you buy if you dare to compare... 

Valkyrie Precision Elite BBs .25


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