CLUB MEMBERS -  £72.00 
Leicester at Bruntingthorpe Airfield 



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Game Location/Directions

Located south of Leicester at Bruntingthorpe Airfield and Proving Ground, 

If you have a Sat Nav, please use "BATH LANE LE17 5QS"

* If you are having any problems please try and enter Bath Lane, LE17 5QS, Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire. Entering the postcode can be problematic with some Sat Nav’s.

Once at Bruntingthorpe security identify that you are here for the 747 event and they will direct you to a waiting area to be escorted to the event area.

** IMPORTANT: Please respect the speed limits on all public roads at all times – particularly those in the vicinity of Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground and the surrounding communities.

From the North, South and West via the M1

  • Leave the M1 motorway at Junction 20 (Lutterworth / Market Harborough)

  • Take the A4304 towards Husbands Bosworth

  • Continue on the A4304 until you enter North Kilworth

  • Turn LEFT in North Kilworth onto the B5414 to Leicester for 2.4 miles

  • At the T Junction turn LEFT onto the A5199 towards Leicester for 2.5 miles

  • At the Crossroads turn LEFT onto Bruntingthorpe Road for 1 mile

  • The Proving Ground entrance is on your left-hand side

From the South and East via A14

  • Leave the A14 at Junction 1

  • Take the A5199 north towards Husbands Bosworth

  • Go STRAIGHT over the crossroads at Husbands Bosworth towards Leicester

  • At the Crossroads turn LEFT onto Bruntingthorpe Road for 1 mile

  • The Proving Ground entrance is on your left-hand side

From the East via Market Harborough

  • Leave Market Harborough on the A4304 towards Husbands Bosworth

  • Turn RIGHT at the crossroads in Husbands Bosworth onto the A5199 to Leicester

  • At the Crossroads turn LEFT onto Bruntingthorpe Road for 1 mile

  • The Proving Ground entrance is on your left-hand side



Battle Stations Activities has the right to alter Tournament Rules of Engagement, without Notification between publication and commencement of the Tournament.



Section 1- Areas of Operation          

Section 2 - Team                               

Section 3 - Authorised Equipment                                                             

Section 4 – Officials                                                     

Section 5 - Games                                         

Section 6 – Gameplay                                        

Section 7 – Scoring                                                

Section 8 – Safety                                                  

Section 9 – Sin Bin Offences                                 

Section 10 – Prize Giving                                       

Section 1 - Area of Operations

1. Registering teams. To reduce delays, Team Captains are requested to

help with the following:

a. Pre competition. Send in their team name and a list of individual

team names no later than 3 days before the competition. Name changes can be registered on the day.

b. Booking in on the day. Complete disclaimer form and food orders if

required. Disclaimers can be e-maild to team captains before the 23rd of November in order to save time.


2. Safe zones. Anywhere outside the Aircraft is a NO FIRE ZONE. So as such there is no set Safe Zone for the Competition. Teams can operate and administrate from the vehicle Car park. If you want to put up Gazebos ect you can do but they must be securely fixed. The airfield is very open and strong gusts of wind could cause damage if not properly secured.


3. Game zones.


The Aircraft is the only game zone in operation. The Aircraft is split into 2 game zones for the morning and then opened up to one large GameZone for the afternoon. Teams will be issued a rotation schedule, that will tell teams where to be and at what time. Game zones will be active at all times. Only the teams

playing at that time are allowed within the game zone boundaries.


Section 2 – Players

4. The Number of Players. A game is played between two teams; each team consists of up to 10 players.


5. Team Captain. Each team will nominate a Team Captain.

a. The Captain is the only person allowed to discuss with the Referee

any questions relating to the interpretation of rules, which may arise during the progress of a game.


Section 3 - Players Equipment

6. Uniform. It is highly recommended that teams wear identical or similar uniforms, but is not compulsory as armbands will be issued before each



7. Weapons. Teams will be allowed to use the following personal weapons:

a. 1 x AEG or shotgun per person.

b. 1 x secondary sidearm per person.

c. Support weapons and Sniper Rifles are not required.


8. Ammo. For the duration of the tournament only .2g or .25g BB’s can be used.

Ammo limit is 350 bbs per game for AEG and Upto 5 Mags per pistol.


9. Pyro. Piro will be provided by the organizers pre-mission. Different missions will require different grenade loads.

a. Under No circumstances are teams to use there own grenades.


10. Knives. Only rubber knives are permitted and must be shown to marshals on chrono session. Any Players can carry out a “Knife kill” by placing his/her hand on the target's shoulder and “calling knife kill”. (no strike or stabbing).


11. Lasers. Laser designators are not permitted.


12. Radios. Team Radios can be used.


Section 4 - Match Officials


13. Player conduct. A player shall not challenge or dispute the rulings of a referee during a game. Only the Captain, can talk to the referee relating to the interpretation of rules.


14. Conduct – Each match is controlled by a referee who has full authority to enforce the Rules of Engagement in connection with the match to which he has been appointed. Team Captains will be allowed a maximum of 6 Objections throughout the competition.


15. Referee - Powers and Duties:

a. Enforces the Rules of Engagement.

b. Controls the match.

c. Ensures that the Gamers’ equipment meets the requirements.

d. Acts as timekeeper and keeps a record of the match.

e. Terminates the game, at his discretion, for any excessive

infringements of the rules.

f. Terminates the game because of outside interference of any kind.

g. Terminate the game if, in his opinion, a gamer is seriously injured

and ensures that he is removed from the Area of Operation.


Section 5 – Match Format


16. A Match. Teams will be grouped into Group A & Group B. each Team will play against every other team within the group for each scenario. Each Match will last for a maximum of 5 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes for the afternoon sessions.


17. Points System. The point system will be explained to the team captains at the scenario brief.  Points will be awarded at the end of each game. Please note that both the attacking and the defending team will be able to score points on each match.


Section 6 – Gameplay


18. The Start of Play. At the start of each game, all players will start at their respective re-spawn points. Referees will start matches on a whistle blast and timer.


19. Admin tables. Teams can place all ammo/pyro/weapons required onto the game “Launch points”. After each match both teams will have a set time to reload magazines/clips before their next Match.  

referees may award penalties to teams who are late returning to the game start points.


20. Team Rotations. To ensure delays are kept to a minimum, teams will need to rotate between Matches as quickly as possible within the time frame allotted.


21. Rotation. Team Captains will be given rotation sheets.


22. Respawns. Each Match will have different Resporn rules that will be explained by referees at the start of each match.


23. Substitutes. Nil.


Section 7 – Method of Scoring


24. Method of scoring. Points will be awarded for Hits, Survivor, mission achieved and mission fails. Each mission has different objectives and these will be explained by your marshal at the start of each match.


Section 8 – Safety


25. After booking in and signing disclaimers a full safety brief will be given. All players must attend.


Section 9 – Sin Bin Offences


26. Sin bin areas will be clearly marked out next to team re-spawn areas. If a player is sin binned they must immediately make their way to the sin bin area and wait for the 30-second penalty time to expire. The player must then make their way to the re-spawn point before entering the live game area. Sin bin offences are:

a. Not taking hits.

b. Giving away the enemy location when a player is dead.

c. Using excessive abusive language.

d. Purposefully coming into contact with enemy players.

e. Using pyro incorrectly.

f. Moving outside the game zones.

g. Firing outside of the game zones.

h. Incorrect use of rates of fire as stated in the safety brief.

i. Arguing with the referee.


Section 10 – Prize Giving

27. Prize giving will take place at the end of the competition. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams.