Airsoft Party

Tuesday to Saturday every week


Celebrate your special day with our custom-built Party packs. Party Packs have everything you need for a fantastic party and it's all included at one price, NO HIDDEN COSTS. All your Safety equipment, Unlimited Ammo, and your all your gaming equipment.

You can choose any activity you like but Airsoft, Arrow Tag, Archery and Laser Tag are popular for Stags.


On arrival, you will sign in, Party Packs choose your meal. Your meal will be freshly-prepared for you whilst you play and served as soon as your ready. Your equipment is issued and we head to the safe zone. There you will be shown how to use your equipment and given the safety brief.


Then it's into battle you go. Your Safety Marshal will be with you all the way to explain each Battle mode and give assistance if needed.

There is no fixed program for gaming, we will cram in as many battles as we can to make your experience exceptional. Once the Battling is done, hand back your equipment and retreat to the Diner to enjoy your meal and swap war stories. 

Choose from our Extras Pack to add Arrival Drinks, Bottle of Bubbly for the Stag and Stag Facncey Dress. If you anything special just give our team a ring and we will do everthing we can to meet your requirments.

We offer the following packages;

1. 2 & 1/2 Hour Stag Pack (Laser, Airsoft, Arrow Tag & Archery) 10:30 am & 12:30 pm Arrival time. £20 ph

2. Half-Day Stag Skirmish (Airsoft) 8:30 am and 12:30 am Arrival time. £25 ph

3. Full day Stag Skirmish (Airsoft) 8:30 am Arrival time. £35 ph

4. Mid day  Stag Skirmish (Airsoft) 10:30 am arrive 2:30 am depart. £25 ph

If you require anythink outside these times just let us know.

FROM £20.00

AGE FROM 10+ / Minimum of 6 Players

Group Discount / over 25 Players 10% / Over 35 Players 20%