"Op Thunder Dragon" NATO Forces
"Op Thunder Dragon" Demon Cartel


"Op Thunder Dragon" Demon Cartel

It's the Game you have been waiting for. Our 4th MilSim at the Urban Training Centre Longmoor. 11th & 12th of April 2020. It's a Bank holiday weekend, so you get Gun Time time and Family. Win-Win.

We Can't Wait to get this Game on, Lots of surprises throughout the game, a proven game format and one of the best gaming areas that you will ever play. Book online @ or call 01953 887174. Game scenario released soon, full details when you book.




DEPOSIT - When you book on you will be asked for a £10.00 deposit. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable unless the MOD cancel this event. The MOD holds the right to cancel our event should they need the facility for Operational Training up to 48hrs before the event. If the MOD Cancel you will be refunded in full.

REMAINING BALANCE - Battle Stations will issue you with an invoice on the Monday before your event. We ask you to pay the outstanding balance on the Thursday or Friday before the event. This means that you only pay in full once the event is locked in. You will then be issued with a receipt. Please bring this receipt with you.


Joint Dark Operations Group (JDOG) Dress – Uniform - Any Camo Pattern MTP/DPM Uniform. As a Joint Operations group made up of many countries, different uniform types are the Norm. Bump Helmets or Jungle hats. Plate carriers and or Webbing are all fine.


Demons Cartel Dress – Civilian Clothing with Plate Carriers, Masks and other Cartel insignia will be issued on arrival.


Joint Dark Operations Group (JDOG) - FOB CHARLIE – FOB Charlie has the Following;


  1. You are sleeping Accommodation with Beds Accommodation – 8 Man ISO Containers with bunk beds. Teams will be allocated a Container on arrival. This will also be a SAFE ZONE for you once you are inside, and the door is locked.

  2. Safe Zone (Inside OP’s Building)

  3. 24V Power

  4. Microwave

  5. Brew Area Tea / Coffee Included.

  6. Shop for Airsoft equipment, Pyro Drinks and Snacks

  7. Porta Loos


Demons Cartel – NI Patrol – NI Patrol Base has the following;

  1. Safe Zone (Inside OP’s Building)

  2. 24V Power

  3. Brew Area Tea / Coffee Included.

  4. You are sleeping Accommodation with Beds Accommodation – 8 Man ISO Containers with bunk beds. Teams will be allocated a Container on arrival. This will also be a SAFE ZONE for you once you are inside, and the door is locked. Your move in and out of the FOB will be co-ordinated by Exercise Control.

  5. You will have access to the Shop and Microwave as certain times during the Exercise.

  6. Drinking-Water.

  7. Toilets


Equipment Both Teams – You will be in Game for 24 hours. You will need a minimum of


  1. Sleeping Bag

  2. Waterproof liner / Just in case you are "Bugged-out" of the FOB and have to operate from a woodland harbour area.

  3. Grab Bag - a Daysack that has a minimum of Poncho, Para Cord, Bivi Bag, Rations, Water, 

  4. Food and water for 24 hours and the means to cook/Heat.

  5. Change of Patrol Kit

  6. Dry kit to go home in

  7. Waterproofs

  8. Warn kit – multiple layers system

  9. Gloves

  10. Torch

  11. Spare Batteries, BB’s & Bangs

  12. Personal first aid kit

  13. Bennie or warm hat


Weapons and Ammunition.

We recommend that both teams have a mixture of the following;

  1. AEG’s  - FPS 350 on .20g BB’s

  2. Pistols & Shotguns - FPS 350 on .20g BB’s

  3. LMG’s - FPS 350 on .20g BB’s

  4. DMR - FPS 420 on .20g BB’s with a minimum engagement range of 20 Meters

  5. Sniper - FPS 500 on .20g BB’s with a minimum engagement range of 20 meters

  6. Tracer Units are also very good to have.

  7. TAG Rounds can be used.


Ammo Limits These are for each mission. They are as follows,

  1. 800 x bbs per AEG / LMG Carried in Hi, Mid or Low Cap Mags (Personal preference).

  2. 20  x Shot Gun Shells

  3. 5 x Pistol Mags

  4. 5 x Mags Sniper

  5. LMG Gunners may ask each man in their Team to carry 100 BB’s Bagged. These additional bags can be used to top up his 800. These can only be used by the LMG Gunner

  6. 3  x Grenades per Man



  1. You are self-sufficient for the entire Battle.

  2. We will provide Hot water ern or Kettle in each location and a Microwave in the FOB.

  3. Pot noodles, snacks, drinks, water and Brew kit will be available from an onsite shop.

  4. Dedicated times will be built into the game to eat and take Brews.




  1. In each Location, The Operations/Briefing Room will be treated as Safe Zones.

  2. Inside your accommodation, you can treat as a Safe Zone If the Door is Shut.

  3. ALL Other Areas are in-game and will, therefore, need Eye pro.



  1. We will run an onsite shop stocking Snacks dry meals, and a full range of Airsoft essentials. For more info go to  if you would like to pre-order please send your order to 2 weeks before your event date.


  1. Pyro packs (smoke or bang any Mix) - £4.50 Each or


  1. 3 for £13.50

  2. 5 for £23.00

  3. 10 for £40.00

  4. 20 fo £75.00


  1. BBs – Nuprol 3300 bottles. (Make and price may vary)


  1. £8 for .2’s,

  2. £10 for .25’s,

  3. £16.99 for .25 tracer (Must Pre Order)



  1. To ensure we use as much time as we can to game and minimise the end of event admin, we ask that everyone assists with the cleanup on Sunday Morning.

  2. As soon as we finish our last mission, teams are allocated an area of responsibility to collect any "spent" pyro and sweep BB's out of the main Training areas. 

  3. It takes no more than 30 minutes if everyone gets stuck in. as soon as the area has been inspected by the MOD, you are all free to get on the road, whilst the Battle Stations Team finish the last of the Admin. 

  4. By doing the clean up this way, it speeds up your exit from Longmoor and helps us keep the price down for you. 

  5. If you are not willing to lend a hand, You can still Battle with the best but please choose the non cleanup option. 


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