Young Gun Half Days are held on the 1st Saturday of every month from 1 pm to 5 pm and are discounted to our younger players into the sport, -  Walk On's  - £12.00 & Rental Packs  - £22.00 The age range is from 10 to 16 years old. We play a set of Skirmish games and provide hints and tips to improve your gameplay. We also spend extra time explaining the safety rules, and good gamesmanship. 

If you enjoy the sport, why not join our young guns Club. You get loads of perks and save more money overall. Young Guns Members Club is designed for our younger players and has over 30 Members signed up. 

You can join the Club is 2 ways. 1 - Pay an annual fee of just £35.00 for the 1st year and £30.00 thereafter, or attend one of the Half Term Hero's Young Gun days held each Half Term, Christmas and Easter break. 


Included in your membership is;

10% Discount on all games & lunch + 10% discount on all other activities held at Battle Stations.

Members Patch.

Personalized Coffee Mug.

Free Tea and Coffee while you are a member.

1 Free members game & BBQ.

Six “Members Only” games per year held on the 1ST Saturday of every even month.

Loyalty Card for additional free Games and Meals. Get a free meal for every 5th visit, or a free game every 10th visit.

5% Discount on new Guns that you order from the Battle Box Store.

Invite to the Battle Airsoft Members Group Chat,


All we ask in return is;

REPUTATION. Your reputation is everything in Airsoft. As a Member, you represent Battle Airsoft and what we stand for. We play Fun, Fair with Trust and Respect. These are the foundations of the Club. Your Honour should never be in question. Your gamesmanship must be exemplary when gaming at Battle Stations or other sites wearing The BSA Patch. 

FAMILY SPIRIT. Look after the New Guys. Offer assistance and guidance to new players to the game and the Centre so they can get the best out of your centre. Taking non-members under your wing and helping them get the best out of their day is massively rewarding for all of us and gives the right impression about the club, its members and the Centre. They are the future of the game and your club. We are not an elitist Club, We don’t exclude or ignore non-members. We abide by the rules of the game and set a great example to all others. Good Club Members play a massive part in encouraging non-members to join. We want to expand the club and build a community, You are the best advert for the Club.

IT'S YOUR SITE. Commit to one build or one maintenance day per year. These will be held on the same day as a members game day. We will spend the morning building or carrying out maintenance and then play the afternoon. The members game day that you help out on will be free to you even if you have already claimed your free day.

IMPROVE! As a member, you are part of the team, your input is invaluable to us. Any thoughts you have on the Centre, Game modes or Battlefield design will always be greatly received. It's your Site.

​​​Membership is a privilege not a right



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