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We bring the fun to you. If you would like to host a Laser Tag party in your house, garden or local park, we will bring the guns and the instructors to make that happen.

Just give us a call on 01953 887174 to organize your party and leave the rest to us.

Once we have arrived and are ready to go, you can just sit back, relax and watch the kids have a blast (Literally). Our time will look after your warriors, so you can be the coolest parents on the planet.

Laser Tag Mobile

Laser Tag Mobile Player
Laser Tag Mobile Player

How to Book

Just give us a call on 01953 887174 or email so that we can build a party plan.

We will need to know;

  • When you would like to hold your party

  • Where you are based

  • How many guests will be playing

  • Star and finish time

  • The gaming area we will be using

We can then put a Party Plan together for you and get you booked in

Laser Tag Mobile Party Van


We usually arrive at least 30 Minutes before the party's start time.


It does not take long to set up, but we will need to do a site survey for our Risk assessment.

Once all your guests arrive, we will take over and look after your guests with a series of entertaining games.

At the end of your party, we hand back very happy troopers.

We usually are packed up in 30 minutes.


Laser Tag Mobile Party Players

Battle Plan

On arrival, we will set up an admin area and prep the equipment. We will walk the "Battle Area" and complete our Risk Assessment. 

Once the Warriors arrive we;

  • Safety Brief

  • Equipment Brief

  • Play 2 Team Death Match 

  • Play 2 Domination Game

  • Play 2 Survival Game.

  • Take back the equipment

  • pack up and depart

Each game normally is 10 to 15 minutes long, but there is no set programme. We will cram in as many games as we possibly can in the time we have got. 


The Cobra Tagger looks impressive, sounds impressive and also works brilliantly too. Easy to use, aim and shoot. 


The gun is lightweight, weather resistant and has a red dot scope, meaning you can get even better accuracy when picking off your targets. 

The Cobra has enhanced accuracy and improved technology. It also gives you live feedback that tells you when you have scored a hit or have been hit yourself.


Shooting your opponents couldn’t be easier to ensure that you can enjoy every single second of your Laser Tag experience.

Laser Guns

We bring 2 Medic boxes or Medic Guns to the party.


These revive or "Repown" dead players back into the game. They also count the number of "Spowns" each team has had.

They do this automatically as soon as you get close to the box, so you don't have to press anything. 

At the end of the game, the box will show you how many deaths it has had. This score is also shown on your Ref Gun.

These are a great part of your Battle Box and keep the game flowing. 

Medic Box

 We can set up multiple domination points for the teams to fight over.


These add a great dynamic to the game, and the troops can play their favourite "Call of Duty" games in their own backyard.

These are another great addition to your Party

Domination Box

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