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What is Airsoft MILSIM

MilSim's or Military Simulations, are a completely different experience than that of a Skirmish. 

Games run for either 12 or 24 hours, with little rest. Each game is scenario-based, so you need to be a player that can immerse yourself in the moment. Missions may be Overt or Covert so you may spend long periods without firing your weapon. Rules differ from Skirmish.

Teamwork is key. You will receive Missions by way of Battle Orders. You as part of a team will assess your orders and formulate a plan to achieve your mission.  You will then launch into Battle. The result of your mission "win, lose or draw" will determine the way the story unfolds and the next mission.



CANCELLED - Sat 4th June 0900 hrs for 24 hours. - CANCELLED

Unfortunately, due to MOD requirements for the Training Area, we have been "Bumped" off of this booking. Please contact info@battleairsoft.co.uk for more info on refunds or credit applications to your account.

Sat 27th Aug 0900 hrs for 24 hours.


As always with Military Training areas we can bumped off at any time, however, both these dates are in the book. It's just £80 for the full game or £70 if you book before 31st Dec 21 (Use code "longmoor" when you book). Book your place and you will only pay a £10 deposit. The remainder will not need to be paid until the week before the event. If the event is cancelled you will receive a full refund or you can transfer to another activity at BSAC or Hunting Grounds Airsoft. 

With the Demon Cartel destroyed the J-DOGs are on standby for their next mission. Will you make the team?The scenario is yet to be revealed however, you can be sure that I will be fun, fast and furious as always



LONGMOOR IS BACK ON - This brilliant location is perfect for a MILSIM. The "OP Classified" story will pick up where it left off from Thunder Dragon II.

LATEST INTEL from Thunder Dragon II

J-Dog successfully destroyed all elements of the Demon cartel, the region has been handed back to the Bostonian Government. The region has stabilized and the local population are enjoying their freedom. However local Intel has suggested that some members of the Lincmorian Government Forces (LGF) believe that there is an opportunity to exploit the weakness in the region and hold a coup to overthrow the Government.   The LDF are better trained, better armed and larger in numbers.

J-DOG SF will be mobilized should the situation deteriorate.


NATO's have offered assistance to the Lincmorian Government in a bid to quell any uprising and a British Military envoy has been deployed. J-DOG SF will be mobilized should the situation deteriorate.




An outstanding Military Training site that makes the ultimate Airsoft MilSim game come to life. It has too many features to list but they include a Real Forward Operating Base (FOB), A full-size Northen Irland Security Forces Base (NISFB), a complete Housing estate that allows you to fight in the buildings, a great woodland area, Helicopters, Trains and soo much more.  Bring all your guns as there will be opportunities to Snipe, Machine Gun and get up close. We love this area so much that this will be the 6th game that we have run here. Gameplay is centred around fast-moving operations as well as stealthy Recons and Sniper deployments.

Be prepared to operate and be self-sufficient for 24 hrs.


Most of the time you will be operating from the FOB or NISFB however there may be times where you will have to move locations at extremely short notice, possibly under fire, so your kit will need to be man-portable. If you leave it you lose it for that phase of the game. 


Once Chrono and Brief are complete you will deploy by foot onto the ground to establish a patrol base. You will need to carry all your equipment on your back.

Airsoft Kit

All Weapon Types / Batteries for 24 hours / Ammo / Tracer Units / Gas / Eye Pro / Mags (Hi, Mid or Low) / Phyro / 

Patrol Kit

Rig / First Aid Kit / Compass / Map (download) / Sling / Binos / Notebook / Tourch (Red Filter) / NVDs (Optonal) / 

Admin Kit

Basha or SMALL 2 man Tent / Day Sack / Bergan / Cooking system / Food for 24 hrs / Water for 24 Hrs / Sleeping system.  


Patrol Kit / Spare Socks / Waterproofs / Warm Kit / Gloves / Clean Dry kit to drive home in if we have wet weather. 

Anything else you feel you need - Please remember that you may need to move from your Patrol base at short notice. You need to be able to carry all your equipment in ONE lift