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MilSim's, or Military Simulations, are a completely different experience from that of a Skirmish game. 

Games run for either 12 or 24 hours, with little rest. Each game is scenario-based, so you need to be a player who can immerse yourself in the moment and the story. Missions may be Overt (Fighting with the enemy) or Covert (Oviding detection whilst on a mission), so you may spend extended periods without firing your weapon. Rules differ from Skirmish.

Teamwork is key. You will receive Missions by way of Battle Orders. You work as part of a team to assess your orders and formulate a plan to achieve your mission. You will then launch into Battle. The result of your mission, "win, lose or draw", will determine how the story unfolds and the next mission.

To Book, Click the "Book Now" button below, then use the "Pick Date" button. Scroll through the calendar until you reach September and click the "7th". You will see the "Dark Star 3" event, 9th from the top, @ 10:00 am. Click the Team you would like to join, and your in. 

What is a MilSim

Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players
airsoft Military simulation game


On July 13th 24

This date has just been added  and is now confirmed

 Code Red is at Our Battle Stations Boston,

Lincolnshire, PE22 7PA

More details will be released soon but booking is open.

You can book for the 12-hour or 24-hour Mission.


Advertisment for milsim game

NATOS Jiont Dark Operations Group deploy specialist teams to any region around the World where a "Denignable Operation" is required. 

JDOG Units are extremely well-trained, well-armed, well-equipped and highly motivated. 

JDOG Units are often outnumbered. However, they are supported by NATO, so they have some of the latest technological support and ground assets available. 

JDOG wear full multi-terrain-patten (MTP) Only unless deception is needed. 


Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players
Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players

Formerly known as the Rebels, The Lincmorian Special Forces (LSF) is the Imperial bodyguard to General Bastavich, the current head of State.

The LSF is primarily made up of foreign Special forces, turned mercenaries.  The team works for the highest bidder and can not be trusted. 

Well-trained, well-equipped, and well-motivated, this team can cause significant damage to any opposing force. However, there are rumours that there is some conflict within the team about the methods and tactics used, in particular, their treatment of Prisoners of War (POWs).

They wear almost any uniform but refuse to wear MPT unless deception is needed. 

Lincmorian Rebels


The Story So Far......

"Stand By - Stand By" MilSim - Sept 7th 24  (10 am Start).

"Dark-Star 3" is a 24-Hour MilSim event. The teams are "in the Game" for most of that time.

(Please note It's not a Skirmish; there will be times during the mission when you may need to evade or spy on the enemy rather than fight them). So if you want the Skirmish "all guns blazing" game, book a Skirmish game as this is not the game for you.

Dark Star Down - The story so far...............

Chapter 1—On the 9th and 10th of September 23 (Day 1), NATO Forces were sent to Bostonia to retrieve parts of a downed surveillance Satellite, "Dark Star." However, things soon went south as General Bastavitch of the Renegades and the Self-imposed leader of Lincmoria also had intentions of capturing Dark Star for himself. After 24 hours of epic Battles, both sides were forced to withdraw due to low ammo and high casualty rates.

Chapter II - On 30th and 31st March 24 (Day 2), Both sides tried to take control of the border and dominate the region to begin searching for remains of Dark Star. However, this objective was hard thought over, and no one team took control for very long. As night drew, forces in Soviet-occupied territory to the North began harassment operations, crossing into Lincmoria and Bostionia in an attempt to recover lost equipment. Lincmoria and Bostionia were forced to form a fragile peace agreement, joined forces and forced the Soviets back. The peace was shattered in the early hours, and Lincmoria and Bostonia resumed hostilities whilst trying to recover the lost Soviet equipment. Again, both sides have taken heavy casualties. As it Stands, the remains of the Lincmorian Special Forces have fought off a large-scale assault from NATO Forces and are waiting for reinforcements in the CQB Village. NATO has been forced to withdraw, re-bomb and reorganize before they resume their assault. What will happen next is your call in the next Chapter of Dark Star 3 - Annihilation.


You can join Dark Star 3, even if you were not part of the first two. It's a stand-alone event. 

Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players
Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players


It's just £65 for the entire game. Book your place, and you will only pay a £10 deposit. The remainder will not be paid until the week before the event. We will send out your activation orders 7 days before the event. The outline scenario about BSB and the basic Kit List is below



Once Chrono and Brief are complete you will deploy by foot onto the ground to establish a patrol base. You will need to carry all your equipment on your back.


Patrol Kit / Spare Socks / Waterproofs / Warm Kit / Gloves / Clean Dry kit for the drive home if we have wet weather. 

Anything else you feel you need - But please remember that you may need to move from your patrol base on short notice. You need to be able to carry all your equipment in ONE lift or it may fall into enemy hands

Battle Stations MILSIMs are designed to get you into MilSims without spending a fortune on kit.

Personal Equipment
Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players

Airsoft Kit

All Weapon Types / Batteries for 24 hours / Ammo / Tracer Units / Gas / Eye Pro / Mags (Hi, Mid or Low) / Phyro / 

Ammo & Mags - You will only be allowed a set amount of BB's for each mission. This will depend on your weapon System;

Riflemen carry 350 BBs.

Gunners LMG carries 1000 BB's.

Everyone can carry a pistol with 5 normal mags. No drum mags for pistols. 

Admin Kit

Basha or SMALL 2-man Tent / Day Sack / Bergan / Cooking system / Food for 24 hrs / Water for 24 Hrs / Sleeping system.  

Weapons and Ammo
Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players

Patrol Kit

Rig / First Aid Kit / *Compass / Map (download) / Sling / *Binos / Notebook / Torch (Red Filter) / NVDs (Optional) / 

Admin Kit

Basha or SMALL 2-man Tent / Day Sack / Bergan / Cooking system / Food for 24 hrs / Water for 24 Hrs / Sleeping system.  

Shelter - You can use a Poncho or a small tent

Tactical Equipment
Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players

Once Chrono and Brief are complete, you will deploy on foot onto the ground
to establish a patrol base. You will need to carry all your equipment on your back.


From my point of view, I couldn’t fault the running of things or the variety of missions we went on; I thought it was all brilliant. I think the only negative thing that showed across the weekend was the poor communication on our team, partly due to a lack of radios or radios that did not work together. 

The location is excellent, everyone’s super friendly and has a good laugh; the top quality that BSA provides has meant we are all now loyally playing at BSA sites for, I’d say, a good 80% of the games we play as a group.

Review March 24

Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players
Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players

Me and my friend have always been interested in the ways the UK military operates and we have both been involved in Airsoft for a while now.


We both thought a Milsim event will be the best next step for us both to learn something new, have fun and also test our fitness. We were pleased to learn that this event is run by ex-military people who knew what they were doing. 


Battle Stations MilSim was an amazing experience. We received a variety of realistic objectives, we had to set up our own base, split into patrol teams and we also experienced operating at night. 


We met new friends during the event, some of which we partnered up with for most objectives and even managed to successfully execute a night mission against a squad that was equipped with NVG's. 


Massive thanks to everyone involved, it was a great experience with an immersive back story to it. We will be back for the next one!

Review March 24


Battle Stations Boston

Our Battle Stations Boston venue is a fantastic 32 acres of historic woodland with a mixture of very close country, open areas and a CQB area. 

It's the perfect place for a mil-sim as it does not take long to get you into Battle and it's perfect for all types of Patrol operations. 

Revesby is Located just outside Boston, Lincs PE22 7PA.

What 3 words (WHAT 3 WORDS is ///earplugs.abacus.beyond). For Revesby

Can you Handle It? - Working around the clock is a great challenge; there is no "Safe Zone," so you are in play the entire time. You must be self-sufficient and administrate yourself with what you carried on your back for the full 24 hrs. You also get the opportunity to experience gaming at night. It's fantastic fun and something you will want to do again.

Great for a 1st MilSim - Battle Stations MilSims are designed to get you in the battle without spending anything extra on kit or equipment. Load-out and carriage of kit rules will work with what you have already got.

If you have any questions about what to expect, call us and chat with our Training Team, who will be happy to help.

If you think you have what it takes - we will see you there.

Book online @

Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players

Pre-op orders were clear without giving too much away, and I received a personal call to check I was ok with everything, which was a nice touch. Site was easy to find and had everything you needed to setup. Staff were pleasant, especially Darren, he was spot on and really helpful throughout. Missions were really fun, very clear and had an extremely well put together storyline. Really enjoyed all stages of the mission. I would request a little more time to prepare personally, as we didn’t get much time to execute plans but this could be because we were new to it all and took all opportunities to sit down ha! Even after the event, the story continued and left it open to return - which I will definitely be doing. Thanks again

Review March 24

Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players
Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players

Just been on one of Battlestations Milsim events this past weekend, which was hands down the most fun I’ve had at any airsoft event since I started playing. Really enjoyed every second.

Darren ran the weekend incredibly smoothly and was always responsive to any questions we had as a team, sending out orders 7 days before the event began.

If you’re looking for a slightly more laid-back introduction to milsim events, the ones run here are perfect. We were unsure if the approx 20 total players would work, but actually for the size of the map and tasks we took on, this was really not an issue at all, we still got the full enjoyment even after losing 3 of our teammates who left early too.

If anyone is worried about numbers when booking, don’t be, we had just as great a time with 6 on our team as we would with 50.

Honestly, I can’t quite explain how brilliant it was, the location, the missions, the banter between teams and the stories we’ve got to take away too, including a 7-man grenade kill incident 😂 Thank you, guys for running Dark Star Down, me and the boys are excited to get going again in March on the next op, we won’t be missing one after this!

Review Sept 23

Battle Stations Boston Milsim Players

24-Hour Milsim

On Sept 7th 24

The date is now confirmed

 At Our Battle Stations Boston,


PE22 7PA


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