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CQB Airsoft Rules


The rules of play for our CQB site at Snetterton are shown below. Please read in detail and if you have any questions please feel free to talk to us on 01953 887174. The rules cover;


2. Timings and Chrono limits

3. Site Safety and Ethos

4. In-Game Rules & Close Range Shooting

5. Grenades

6. First Aid and Man down Calls

7. 3 Ways to end your day early

8. End of day actions



Your booking can be arranged for another date at no extra charge.

On Arrival - Please remain in your car until you have been checked by a marshal. Your name will be checked to ensure that you have a booking and your temperature will be taken.

MASKS – It is good practice to wear a mask whilst on site however, mask’s are mandatory whilst you are in any part of the building.

Hand Sanitiser – We have hand sanitiser all over the centre close to multi touchpoints. Please use it regularly.

One Way System - This will be explained by your Marshal depending on your safe zone location.

2 Meter spacing Please Stay 2 meters away from anyone who is not from your immediate bubble.

Please Remember

Hands – Face – Space - Fresh Air


More details of our Covid Safe actions can be found at https://www.battleairsoft.co.uk/covid19-info




Please keep to these timings to allow gameplay to start on time. Please note; use the intercom system if the main gate is closed.

0800 – Main gate and safe zone open.

0800 – Booking in desk open/ Diner opens for breakfast/ Chrono opens

Chronograph area is open (.2’s/.25’s) FPS / Jules Limits are as follows;

Pistols, shotguns, AEG’s and support weapons – Max of 350fps on a .20g BB or 1.14 Jules

DMR’s locked on single shot – Max 400fps on a .20g or 1.49 Jules with a 20m engagement range.

Snipers – Max 500fps on a .20g or  2.23 Jules with a 20m engagement range.

0900 - Safety brief in the main diner. All participants, including members, are required to attend.

0930 - Game play commences.

1230 – Lunch and afternoon players arrive / Chrono and brief

1310 – Afternoon session starts

Please note that we will get you on the game fields as soon as possible but timings may slip slightly.



Fire. In the event of a fire, please make your way to the fire assembly point located in the car park. 

Timekeeping - Five-minute warnings will be given prior to every game. If you are late, games will start without you.

Rubbish - Please leave the site clean and tidy. Bins are provided for you in the safe zone and diner.

Smoking – Smoking is not permitted anywhere except the smoking area. Please use the smoking bin provided.

Drink/drugs - In the interests of everyone’s safety, if players turn up inebriated or under the influence of drugs, they will not be allowed to participate in the days gaming. Likewise, drinking or drug-taking is not permitted on site.

Site Ethos - Experienced players and new players are welcomed at Battle Stations. We want the atmosphere to be relaxed, competitive and fun.

Right Mindset. Enjoy your game; play in a good-willed and relaxed manner.  Be competitive but not aggressive or intimidating. If you have any problems with players or gaming, inform the Marshal team immediately, so you can get back to playing and the marshal team can investigate the issue. You have come for a good day out. Keep that mindset throughout the day.  

Wrong Mindset. Personal conflicts, Causing pain, revenge, non-hit taking, bad language or over-aggressive play have no place at Battle Stations Activities Centre. Please notify our staff of any disputes immediately to resolve the problem without disrupting your gameplay.

Non hit taking, disruptive play or acting in a threatening manner, such as arguing with other players or staff, will be dealt with immediately in the following manner and could result in a ban from the site. Offenders will normally get;


An Informal Warning from a marshal

A Yellow Card – Official Warning from a marshal

A 2nd Yellow Card – Official Warning from the management team.

A Red Card – You will be asked to leave the site with no refund.


Marshals. Our marshals have total impartiality and are there for your own safety, ensuring you get maximum enjoyment during your day with us. If a marshal makes a call please remember they are looking at the bigger picture. However, if a player thinks they have been wrongly penalised, they should raise the point in between games, with the Marshal in question, so the point can be discussed in a rational manner.


Safe Zone:

Dry firing. Do not dry fire in the safe zone. Use the Chronograph range to test weapons.

NO Loaded weapons in the safe zone. Please ensure you unload pistols and shotguns when coming off of the game field.

Loading & Unloading. Only Load and unload when you are instructed to by the marshals

Eye protection. Airsoft approved, Goggles must be worn at all times on the game fields but we strongly recommend a full-face mask for all players.

  • Eye Pro on when you leave the safe Zone, off when you re-enter.

  • Under 18’s MUST wear a full-face mask. No exceptions.


Un-branded bb’s please let us do a shatter check on them


Game Zones / Gaming Structures


Game Zone Boundaries. These will be highlighted at the start of each game.

  • When entering any structure take care as surfaces may be slippery due to weather conditions.

  • For your own safety, do not climb over or into barricades.

  • Do not move barricades, doors or props.

WHISTLE BLASTS. The following whistle blasts and calls will be used:

  • Game Start. One whistle blast.

  • Game Over. Three whistle blasts. Apply safety catches and return to Marshal.




Definition of a BB hit. A hit is defined as being hit by a fired BB anywhere on the body or weapon apart from the feet.

Hit taking. You Must;

  • Call HIT Immediately

  • Indicate the hit by raising the arm for 5 seconds in the same place.

  • Congratulate – congratulate the player that shot you.

  • Head to the Respawn – avoid lines of fire is at all possible.


Weapon hits. If your main weapon is hit, you may switch to secondary. However, you must call;

  • Weapon HIT before doing so

  • Indicate that you have been hit on the weapon for 5 secounds.

  • If you are hit whilst using your secondary weapon you must re-spawn.


Shooting Dead players. Dead players should move out of the line of fire ASAP. Dead players do not talk (Show Respect, Receive Respect).

  • Indicate on the way back to re-spawn

  • Call “Dead Man Walking”

  • If a dead player is shot, The shooter must take the hit, gift the dead player his life, go to the re-spawn and click the button 3 times


Shooting live players Blue on Blue. If there is a blue on blue incident, a hit must be taken. The shooter gifts his life to the shot player and goes to re-spawn.

Ricochets. A solid ricochet is defined as when a BB is fired it bounces off a surface and then directly hits a player. Ricochets are not taken as hits.

  • However, If there is any doubt as to whether you were hit, take the hit anyway.



CQB RULES (Show Respect, Receive Respect)

  • Rates of fire. The following rates of fire apply;

  • Battle Town. Single-shot only. No trigger fanning. HPA to slow down to match an AEG Please

  • Modern Warfare. Single shot and Auto

  • Auto AEG - 1 second burst, followed by a 1-second gap.

  • HPA – ½ second burst followed by a 1 second gap.


Blind firing. Blind firing is not permitted. You must be looking down the weapon sights at the intended target. Firing through door gaps or apertures smaller than A4 size is not permitted.


GAPS – A gap that you can shoot through at point-blank range must be big enough for you to put your head through. You can fire through smaller gaps but you must be at least 4 meters back from the gap.


A chance encounter (50/50) – If you have a chance encounter with a player from the opposite team, i.e you both walk into each other at close range, Call a 50/50, both take it as a kill and then re-spawn.


Close range firing. When negotiating corners, weapons should be slightly lowered to prevent close up headshots.

  • Short burst or number of shots

  • Aim for the protected areas

  • No deliberate Heads Shots

  • NO OVERKILL stop as soon as the shot player calls it


Close Range Options.

  • Shoot – Aim for the centre of mass, No deliberate head shots, no overkill, minimal shots needed.

  • Surrender call. You may use the ‘Surrender’ against another player; the caller’s gun must be fully operational. This is a sportsman call and not a rule.

  • Knife Kill. Place your hand or your mela weapon onto the upper body of the opposing player and call “knife kill” the dead player must take the kill and re-spawn 5 times.


Firing from heights. When firing down from upper levels, be aware of angling your weapon down more than 45 degrees onto targets. Tops of heads and tops of eye protection should be considered non-target areas.



Definition of a grenade kill.

  • Paper grenades. Constructed using paper and cardboard. Uses strike or friction to detonate. Over arm or lobbed is permitted and can be thrown up or down levels. Posting through windows or gaps is permitted. Over 18’s only.


All Others are treated as Hard Case.

  • Definition of a Reusable Grenade. Constructed using lightweight Rubber/plastic/Metal. Can be used as frag or flashbang.  Can only be thrown under arm at knee level, flight must stay below knee level, owner collects.


Definition of a grenade kill.


  • OUTSIDE -  A grenade kill is defined as, anyone or group of people not behind cover and within 2m radius of a grenade detonating will be deemed as dead.

  • INSIDE - A grenade kill is defined as, anyone or group of people in the same compartment of a grenade detonating will be deemed as dead.


Using smoke grenades.

  • No Military-grade smoke

  • Single vent smoke - Inside buildings,  structures and open areas.

  • Twin vent smoke – Open areas only. Over 18’s only.

  • As many as you like outside

  • 1 at a time inside buildings



  • Definition of a rubber knife/tool. Any weapon constructed of bendable rubber or latex in the form of a knife, axe or hand tool. The player must not physically strike or stab at another player. When attacking, say ‘kill’ to inform the other player that they have been killed. The killed player cannot switch to secondary weapons and must re-spawn.

  • Players without rubber knives can use hands. If you can sneak up behind another player without being noticed then you deserve the kill.




Camping. Purposefully firing on re-spawn points is not permitted and so goes against our site etiquette rules.

Kill Counters. Kill counters are located in the respawn areas.

  • 1 respawn point for a normal kill

  • 5 respawn points for a knife kill

  • 3 respawns for killing a dead player



  • First aid points are located in the kitchen and reception in the main building.


Man Down. “Man Down” is the keyword to stop all gaming.

If you or you see another player in any type of trouble or danger, call “Man Down” immediately and point out where the problem is to the marshals.

If you hear man down but do not see the problem, please stop, repeat the call, lay you guns on the ground and raise your hand so we can see that none presents a threat to the casualty whilst we give assistance and await further instructions.




Non-Hit Taking actions on a non hit taker are as follows;

Up your rate of fire, remain with controlled bursts

Go immediately to a Marshal and point out the player. This will allow the marshals to watch, and test shoot in needed.

If you are identified as a non-hit taker. The following will happen

Informal Warning – Given on the Gamefield- issued by Marshal –


Yellow Card – Given On Gamefield - issued by a Marshal - Name taken


2nd Yellow card – Remover to the safe-zone - Issued by Management – Name taken – final Warning.


Red Card - Remover to the safe-zone - Issued by Management – Name taken – Banned for the rest of the 3 Months.


Yellow cards remain active for 3 months.


2 x Red Cards Lifetime Ban.


Aggressive behaviour to another player – Physical or Verbal “Gob off, Get Off” rule is in play. Lose your temper, lose your right to play. You will be asked to unload and head to the safe zone, compose yourself then come out on the next game. 

If you are identified as being over aggressive. The following will happen


Informal Warning – Given on the Gamefield- issued by Marshal –


Yellow Card – Remover to the safe-zone - issued by a Marshal - Name taken

2nd Yellow card – Removed to the safe-zone - Issued by Management – Name taken – final Warning.


Red Card - Removed to the safe-zone - Issued by Management – Name taken – Banned for the rest of the 3 Months.


Yellow cards remain active for 3 months.


2 x Red Cards Lifetime Ban.


OVERKILL As soon as a player acknowledges a hit STOP FIRING. Please bare in mind that just because you call “Hit” the remainder of the bb’s are already on there way. However persistent Overkilling will get you removed from the site.


If you are identified as using overkill. The following will happen

Informal Warning – Given on the Gamefield- issued by Marshal –


Yellow Card – Given On Gamefield - issued by a Marshal - Name taken


2nd Yellow card – Removed to the safe-zone - Issued by Management – Name taken – final Warning.


Red Card - Removed to the safe-zone - Issued by Management – Name taken – Banned for the rest of the 3 Months.

Yellow cards remain active for 3 months.


2 x Red Cards Lifetime Ban.





Please remove all rubbish from your area and place it in the bins.



Check your area to ensure you have all your equipment



Do not leave your rental kit in the safe zone. Take it to the rental bay so it can be checked in.


GATE - The gate may be closed when you leave. Please drive up to it on the left-hand side and it will open for you.


FEEDBACK - Please let us know if you are unhappy with anything during your day. We cant fix it, if we don’t know it is broken. We are always keen to hear your thoughts on the Battlefield, Gameplay, Other players and our equipment and facilities.

At the end of the day, please let us know how we did. Your feedback is invaluable to ensure that we provide the service that you would expect from a Battle Stations Venue. If it's not right, let any member of staff know.

You can always contact us on




01953 887174