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Full day Skirmish day at BSB on the 26th May 24 - Massive discoount Price

Big Battle Budget Day


BSB Big Battle Day

On the 26th of May 24, we are holding our Big Battle Budget Day. We have dropped the price for this special day to get as many players a possible battling at BSB.

Big Battle Airsoft day

Massive Discount

Walk-ons are just £15 for the day
Rentals are just £25 for the day

THESE ARE ON-LINE PRICES ONLT - if you don't book, you don't save.


Whole and half days are available.

Big Battle Airsoft Day

Battle Stations CQB has organised a road trip to play BSB on the same day, so you will get to meet and shoot the CQB warriors. Welcome them and give them the full BSB treatment.

It's going to be a cracking day, so get booked on as soon as you can, places will be limited

Battle Badgers Road Trip

Airsoft Road Trip

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