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Milsim Airsofter

Close Quarter Battle (CQB) is up close and personal. Playing on a 2-acre Urban game field at Battle Stations CQB Snetterton Norfolk NR16 2JU.

Close Quarter Battle Airsoft

 Airsoft in a more conventional setting: 32 acres of historic woodland packed with fantastic game features at Battle Stations Boston Lincs PE22 7PA.

A Thrilling adventure as you head into battle to save the world and yourselves. This "Story" based game will have you screaming and giggling simultaneously.

Zombie Airsoft



Nothing says "I Love You" than sending your loved one into Battle. Gift vouchers can be personalized and used for gaming or in the Shop.

Gift Voucher

Airsoft Player
Low-Impact Airsoft

Schools & Clubs

We have been catering for large Groups, Schools, and Clubs for many years, and many are repeat customers. We tailor the package to what you need.

To discuss your needs, give our events team a call on 01953 887174 or email 

Team Building

We have many programmes for Team Building, Team Development, Leadership and Team Reward Days. Get the training you want at the right price.


Contact our events team to build the package that is right for you.

Airsoft Team Building

*Laser Tag
*Low-Impact Paintball
*Low-Impact Airsoft

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Battle Stations Laser Tag
Low-Impact Paintball at Battle Stations
BLow-Impact Airsoft at Battle Stations
Battle Stations Mobile Games Van
We can bring the fun to your Garden, Workplace, School grounds, Camping area or Fete.

Contact our events team to organize your special day. 

​Our activities can go mobile, but depending on your chosen activity, we may need to visit your location for a site survey and complete Risk assessments.

Age 12+

Airsoft is a game where opponents shoot at each other with a lifelike gun that shoots a 6mm plastic ball at a maximum of 238 miles per hour. When a player is hit, they call their hit and make their way back to a respawn point to log their hit and then return to the game. CQB or Close Quarter Battle see you battle in a built-up area with multiple angles and limited observation. In Woodland Airsoft the engagement range is generally longer and you have much better observation over the gaming area. 

Airsoft at Battle Stations

Age 8+

New to Battle Stations Airsoft. Low-Impact Airsoft uses a lower-powered gun that fires in the region of 200 FPS. This gives you all the fun, but none of the pain. It's so much fun that the BSA Team love it.

A fantastic event for Stag, Hen, Birthday or family fun. Low-impact Airsoft starts from 8 years old. You can book a Battle for Just £16.00 ph or a Party Pack for £20.00 ph. Both packs include everything that you will need for your game - Including UNLIMITED AMMO, no nasty hidden extras.

Book online or give us a call 




Age 8+

CQB Paintball packs a punch for anyone aged 8 years and above, it is the perfect party activity for Birthday, Stag & Hen.

Battle Stations is the only location in East Anglia that you can play paintball in an Urban setting. Moving through streets, in and out of buildings, your heart is in your mouth and your adrenaline is pumping as you hunt the other team. Battle sounds are pumped onto the game field for that extra ambience to your Paintball experience.  

We use the Splat Master Paintball Shotgun that is light, easy to use and perfect for all ages. It fires a “Low-Impact” Paintball, so no bumps or bruises. You get all your Paintball gear – Splat Master Paintball Gun, full face  Paintball mask, gloves, body armour, coveralls and UNLIMITED AMMO - YES UNLIMITED AMMO. No hidden extras.


Our fully trained and experienced staff give a full Paintball safety brief and constantly supervised the Players.  "Come Play the Battle Stations Way and book your Paintball experience now.

Laser tag at Battle Stations


Age 6+

Get your guns out! Laser Tag is a fantastic activity from age 6+. Perfect to celebrate any special occasion such as Birthday, Stag or Hen Party.


At BSAC you have brilliant Urban Game Fields (Maps) to play Laser tag on. This gives you a very different experience from a woodland setting.


Battle Town and Modern Warfare are designed to give you full gaming experience. As you play Laser Tag in these game fields you will really feel like you are in a War Zone.  


Laser tag has changed over the last few years. Modern Laser guns fire "Infrared" beams. The guns will give you real-time feedback by "Talking" to you when you tag or get tagged.


Fantastic on-site facilities at BSA make your Laser tag visit extra special.


Fantastic value, for a fantastic experience. No hidden extras, every package is fully inclusive, no nasty surprises.


Laser Tag Battle Pack's to get in the game. Laser Tag Party Packs let you celebrate your special day, Birthday, Stag or Hen Party.


All Laser Tag games are fully supervised by well trained and experienced staff.


Age 10+

Let our Archery Instructors show you simple techniques to get your archery skills bang on target. Once your aim is dialled in, We will split you into teams and play a series of Archery games that are fast, fun and will have you laughing all the way. Our archery sessions are far from normal. Our Archery Instructors will ensure you have an Archery experience like no other. Our Archery is also weatherproof as we have both Indoor and Outdoor Archery Ranges.

Currently, we are in the process of moving Battle Stations to a new location. This means that our archery ranges are in a temporary location and have minimum facilities.

Archery at Battle Stations

Age 12+

"Stand By - Stand By" Early warning to all of our regular players that we are running a MilSim on the 1st of April 2023 (10 am Start).

"Operation Fools Gold" is a 24-Hour event, and you will be "in Game" for most of it. It's not a Skirmish; there will be times when will need to evade or spy on the enemy rather than fight. So if you just want to Skirmish, it's not the game for you.



Airsoft AEG
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Link to Airsoft shop 3

*Arrow Tag
*Medieval Mayhem

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Archery Lessons at Battle Stations
Arrow Tag at Battle Stations
Medieval Mayhem at Battle Stations

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